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Examine the Choices

Once it hits you that your days are moving faster and your time is getting shorter, you really begin to examine the choices you’ve made in the past. So fill your days with delight now, rather than experiencing loss or regret when it hits you that time is running out.

The older you get, the harder it is to change jobs or find new relationships. It’s certainly not impossible, but stop making excuses and start taking charge now.

Do not throw your time away.

Work life and non-work life usually don’t balance out so well. We have 168 hours to live each week. At a minimum, you are probably working 40 hours. Add in five hours for lunch. Five hours for getting ready for the day. At least five hours for commuting. Most people sleep at least seven hours a night, so that’s 111 hours of your week just sleeping and getting yourself off to work – if you’re not working overtime.

That leaves you with 57 hours to use as you wish.

Shocking, huh?

Now add in your overtime. Count the time you spend with the family, reading to the kids, cleaning, cooking, lawn care, financial management, household management. Grocery shopping, going to school plays and soccer games and taking the car to the shop, going to the doctor, checking in on your parents, and going to your house of worship. Maybe some working out, too. And time for Facebook or other social media, and for reading something.

Even with all of that, you’d think there would be time to actually breathe in some life and do things that you love.

But where is it?

If you’re waiting for things to slow down once the kids get a little older, or for the merger or system upgrade or new management change to finally settle things down at work, you are sacrificing the only sure thing you’ve got in this life: today.

Take a few minutes and think about what will matter once you reach the end of your days. What you will cherish then is what you should cherish now.

What matters are the people you love, the people who love you, the places you’ve been, the moments that brought you joy and meaning and life.

It’s all about the pictures on the wall.

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