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I used to have a life. Now, I have Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

467270281_6td2a-lIn the last month, I have noticed that I am spending more time interacting with my computer than with human beings. I sit in the middle of my family with my laptop set to Facebook or Twitter.

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I am connecting and reconnecting with others, but the cost is too high. I am putting the most valuable connection on time-delay. “Just let me finish this real quick,” I heard myself saying.

Twitter first, you second. Facebook now, you later. Link-in to the e-friend, lose the link to reality. That is not good enough for people I love and it is not good enough for me. My life has always been one of adventure and engagement. This machine — I don’t care how it links me in to others — is compromising the most important links I have. I have been on the road all week and am more than 250 e-mails behind. People are writing me, asking why I haven’t written.

Fifteen years ago, I didn’t have any of this. I exercised more, went out more, saw people and even used the telephone to catch up. Now, I have this. It is not a worthy trade.

I will do my Facebook and my Twitter. I’ll stay Linked-in. But I’m going to opt out more. I know I have an Internet addiction. Do you?

Fawn Germer is the best-selling author of four books, including one that was featured on Oprah. Her next book, Finding the UP in the Downturn, will be released in March. She speaks internationally on leadership issues.

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