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Less Money Means More Life

This week, enjoy excerpts from best-selling, Oprah-featured author Fawn Germer’s new book, Work-Life Reset, which shows how to reset to end what’s not working in your life. Order here.

Less Money Means More Life

The morning my friend Cindy Shaw and I met Helene Brien and Luc Parent.

I met Helene Brien and Luc Parent at sunrise over Horseshoe Canyon near Moab, Utah. The French-Canadian couple retired in their fifties — ten years earlier than they planned. They sold their home, downsizing into a fifth wheel trailer, and then the passionate nature pho­tographers hit the road. They were starting their new life by spending a year traveling throughout the United States. “I decided less money means more life,” Luc told me.

I was so moved by what he said, I logged it in my iPhone.

Need less, live more.

I have been following their adventure on Facebook, mesmerized by their photographs. They are filling their lives with so much living. I sent a note telling them I wanted to share their story, and Luc shared something else that is just as potent.

“Someone explained to me that, if after one year of work, you are at the same point budget-wise and you did not make any change in your life, you’ve lost a year. It made me think, and it made me decide to make changes.”

So status quo is a net loss.

Plenty of people work so hard just to maintain their current standard of living that they have little time to live large.

Helene said her early retirement cut her annual income in half for the ten years she could have continued working. But what if she’d waited? She thought a lot about it. If she delayed her big adventure, would she have had the health and vitality to dive into her dreams?

“My answer was no,” she said. “It is now that I have the energy and opportunity to enjoy this, and this will allow me to have lasting memories for the rest of my life.”

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  1. Hi Fawn !

    I am so happy to find out i had a impact on your life. Because you made a difference in mine!

    Thanks again, hope to see you soon!!

    Luc Parent!

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