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The Lesson Hits Home

It’s one thing when, at work, you can’t understand why people are flaky or lazy or sloppy or slow. It’s another when you are at home, foisting your expectations on the people you love, and counting on them to do things the way you see them as right and fair. After a spat with your loved one, who is more right: the one who wants to talk the problem through immediately, or the one who wants to withdraw for a couple of hours? It’s hard when the lesson hits home.

What does it say when you carefully choose your words in an argument so you don’t offend your partner, but your partner lets ’em rip, not meaning any harm? Maybe you like to cram your weekend with activities from start to finish, but he or she wants to stay at home and read the newspaper. Who is right? You both are.

We are all so different in how we view the way things should work in this world. Remember this when you expect others to apologize because you are hurt, or when you don’tapologize because you don’t think the other person has reason to be upset. Sometimes, it’s a matter of perspective. Is it worth losing a relationship with somebody because you are too stubborn or insensitive to appreciate that he or she lives in a different realm than you?

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