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Time is precious, and I know that right now

I am sitting here in my dad’s office, which is in the bedroom that was mine when I was a teenager and in college. I’ve been showing him some things on the computer, and I’ve introduced him to my blog. Right now, I am showing him how I post these things. Basically, this is father/daughter time, and it is precious.

Dad is 80 years old now. He is the most amazing man I know because he still works — as a pharmacist — and he makes time to visit my mother three or four times a day in the nursing home. I am always being told how lucky I am to be his daughter, but I know that. I always have.

princess bride the free So, he’s sitting behind me and we have been exploring YouTube and the blog and all kinds of other things online. We are supposed to go out for breakfast, but I’d rather just sit here and hang out with him. It’s so good to have a dad like this. He is so interested in everything I am interested in. And he makes this big adventure of life so much more meaningful.

My mother suffered her stroke when she was just 66 years old. That taught me that life is so unpredictable and every moment is so precious. I feel that when I am with Dad. We don’t live forever. But we have right now, and right now is so beautiful.

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