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You Can Travel Easy or You Can Travel Hard. Shed the Stress.

Travel Easy

Life works better when you respect your internal speed limit. You can try to cram as much as you can into your day, or you can dial it back a couple of notches and make a conscious decision to reduce your stress by not having to accomplish everything.

Think about what you are like when you are in a huge hurry, racing your car well above the speed limit so you can get things done. You feel the stress in your shoulders. You know you are risking a speeding ticket and perhaps endangering your life and the lives of others. You have got to get to the next thing because the world will end if you don’t.

Or will it? Think about how your stress level goes down when you just slow down to the speed limit. So what if you lose ten minutes? Your day will be better. You will perform better. Others will appreciate you because you are not emitting a current of tension.

Travel easy. Pay extra for the direct flight. Skip unnecessary meetings or visits. Make decisions that give you time to live, time to rest. Take the pressure off of yourself so you can better enjoy your life while performing better at work.

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