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About Key West…

I posted Facebook entries that told the world I was heading down to The Keys with some friends for a long weekend. What I could not possibly convey that I was going to The Keys with six of the most special women I have ever met. I met these women several years ago when I began researching my novel, Mermaid Mambo, which is about a 78-year-0ld former Weeki Wachee mermaid who travels to a mermaid reunion to rediscover her soul.

I became friends with “the formers,” which is a cluster of former mermaids who are between the ages of 57 and 70. They are some of the best friends I have ever had. I share them with you so you can see that aging is nothing to fear. It is something to embrace — because you can travel this road with others who will fill your days with heart and adventure and great love. They are all older than I am, but so much younger. So, they are my teachers.

I hope you have friends like these great women. They all face real challenges in their lives, but the support they have from each other is unflinching and true. When you see the trust and connection that exists between them, you will realize that you can always feel true joy in the moment — no matter what else is going on. Count on your friends they will get you through anything.

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