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Going there.

I have heard so much talk about the book and video for The Secret, which pulls together the old concept of the “law of attraction.” I avoided The Secret

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for a very long time because I thought it was stolen right out of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich,

but then I realize he’d taken it from someone else who took it from someone else who got it from The Bible. So, I now like The Secret or anything that drives home the point that you create your own reality. If you see yourself as moderately successful, you’ll be moderately successful. If you see yourself as wildly successful, you’ll be wildly successful.

If you think you have money problems, you have money problems. It goes on and on. So, people see the video and they get all excited because they get it in their heads that they can talk themselves into fame and fortune.

I just think there is one other component to it. I believe wholeheartedly in the law of attraction. But I believe it only works to its fullest potential when combined with a spiritual element.

Whoa. I am going to “go there.” Please don’t be offended.

I am going to talk about something that corporate speakers don’t talk about — the big taboo. I will never tell you what you should believe in terms of spirituality. Just believe in something.  I absolutely convinced that there is an energy out there that is bigger than any of us, and it is big. I was raised Jewish, but practice in my own, deeply personal way. I think my Christian and Moslem friends are all traveling to the same place via a different road. I don’t think any of us is more right than the other.

I used to reserve my prayers for my most desperate moments, like when my mother had her stroke and it looked like she was going to die. Or when my father was shot in a holdup.  I never wanted to bother God with things like career or finances – things I felt certain I should be able to manage for myself. But when I couldn’t get my first book published and I felt like an absolute failure. I did the only thing I could do. I prayed.

Ever since, I have constantly counted my blessings and been rewarded with more abundance than I ever imagined and, best of all, a stronger spiritual connection. I never, ever feel alone or lonely. I always feel supported and loved.

I have some friends who kill themselves at work, then come home to a beautiful house that has been teetering on verge of foreclosure for about four years. Every minute of every day they feel the weight of looming financial crisis, largely because they bought a great home that they never could afford, and now they can’t unload it because the market has soured.

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There is nothing I can say that will fix their financial situation. I can’t coach them to work harder or take leadership roles at the office because both of them are struggling with companies that have cut budget and staff to the minimum. They have been trying – for years – to find jobs elsewhere, but they haven’t gotten anything.

There are so many sad stories out there. So many people are in turmoil and crisis, and if you are one of them, I have to hope that you will remember that you are never, ever alone.

What can you do when it gets that dark?

Have faith. Believe in abundance and ask your God to be beside you and carry you through to the other side.

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