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Live Now

Live Now

Most people walk through life with their eyes closed. They show up for their day as if they had an unlimited number of healthy days to live and they put off doing the things they love the most. They are scared to live now!

You’ve got to make a living, but you aren’t living if your work consumes your opportunities for joy. You don’t get an unlimited number of days to do the fun stuff and the day will come when things will change. People you love will get sick, or you will get sick. Your body will wear out and you just won’t be able to do the things you always meant to do.

Why aren’t you doing those things right now? Dive into your day. Consciously live it. Smell the fresh air. Feel the sun on your face. Talk to people you love and enjoy hearing the sound of their voices. Enjoy your health. Feel gratitude. Let yourself be happy.

And when you are at your work, take a moment to just enjoy what you are doing. The hubbub. The challenge. The opportunity. Because, even your routine won’t be yours to enjoy forever.

There is a saying that “These are the good old days.” Live them now.

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