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On Adversity: You Never Know How Close You are to Turning the Corner (Until You Turn the Corner)

Winston Churchill once said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Well, who wants to go through hell? Nobody. But the greatest learning and growth almost always comes when you push through a series of obstacles that take you to the brink.

Dealing With Adversity

The truth is that it can be as hard to quit as it is to persevere. Both options require a different kind of courage, but the end result and growth experience are very, very different. In one experience, you feel loss. In the other, you feel victory. Sometimes the victory is just one of endurance — that you hung in there long enough to see things through, even if things didn’t turn out as you expected.

But, quitting, that takes some work. You have to figure out when you are going to quit and how. Sometimes, all you need is to give yourself permission to quit in order to find the energy to keep pushing through a difficult experience. So, delay quitting until the very last minute. Hang in there as long as you possibly can.

How do you find the courage to stand in the pain and take one more step?  Where does that  strength come from? How far deep within you do you have to go? It is painful, but the pain is just part of getting through life’s obstacles. You keep moving forward until you suddenly realize you’ve made it. You’ve accomplished something that you thought was completely impossible.

You never know when you are going to turn the corner until you actually turn the corner, so just keep moving forward and start dealing with adversity.

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