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Building Employee Loyalty

How do leaders begin building employee loyalty? I asked them. In hundreds of interviews for my books, I asked top leaders what it takes to create the loyalty that makes them successful as leaders. Here’s what they said:

• Talk to and value everyone from janitor to president.

• Help your people grow and expand. People follow people where they know they willgrow. Great leaders make them stronger.

• You get more when you show that you value somebody’s efforts, acknowledge that their work was difficult.

• People want to be listened to. They want to be recognized for their accomplishments.

• Remember small things like anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions.

• Say thank you—all the time.

• Share power.

• You can be efficient and get something done yourself, but are you being effective? You need consensus. You need to get people involved.

• As a senior executive, learn to lean back in your chair and hope the answer comes out of someone else’s mouth.

• When the other person flat-out loses on everything in a battle, you end up losing, too.

• You don’t have to get an A+ in every subject. Have people around you who get the A+ in the subjects that you don’t.

• Don’t hover and micromanage your people. Develop them.

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