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The Mustang Woman

Mustangs were the original wild horses of the West. They’re tough, strong, agile, sound, and quick to learn. Like the horse, the mustang woman experiences great rewards because her life is filled with surprise, drama, and adventure. She’s got guts, because she doesn’t run with the herd just because it is easier or more convenient. Convenience is unfulfilling and can be boring.

Mustang living is exciting, but can be hard. It can get mighty lonely out there on the trail because there are so many barriers and obstacles to overcome. It can hurt, being viewed as the one on the fringe, especially when some people are so willing to sacrifice heart and soul trying to blend in. Sometimes, our greatest obstacle is the self-doubt that can come when faced with pressure to back down or conform. But it’s the trailblazing mustangs who dare to be first, stand up, attack a problem, try a new approach, and keep charging forward despite the inertia or backward movement of the pack.

Sometimes, when it seems like the whole world wants me to slow my mustang down, all I want to do is hit the gas. I’ve come to realize that chocolate scares the heck out of a world that loves vanilla. I don’t know why, but it does. If everyone else is wearing plaid, they are going to hate your polka dots. Some polka-dot lovers will switch to plaid just to fit in, but I’d rather not. I’d much rather be me, perfectly imperfect. I’m the most valuable asset I’ve got, and if I am going to succeed, I’ve got to bank on who I really am and charge ahead, flaws and all.

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