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Networking is Working

Beyond the fact that networking is working, networking is also work. It is hard. It means starting conversations with strangers and building connections when you would rather be doing something more enjoyable somewhere else. This kind of work is often done on your own time, and because you don’t have that much free time, you might not want to make the sacrifice.

Sometimes it is very easy to click with an individual and bring them into your network. You have a lot in common, your personalities jell, and it all works just great. But there will be occasions when you have to build relationships with people with whom you have nothing in common.
You have to make the effort to connect if it doesn’t happen naturally.

Finally, as you build your network, learn to lean on your sisters. Let your sisters lean on you. Look how far we have come as women. There was a time when many, many women saw other women as their competitors. It was as if women were allotted one slice of the success pie, and if you got that slice, I wouldn’t get any. So, instead of banding together to create more pie, we fought against each other to get that one slice for ourselves.

But, as more women advanced higher and higher, our share of the pie did grow. In the past decade, talk about women competing against women has really diminished. We are now positioned to create more opportunities for success for each other, and we are starting to really see and mine the power of our network.

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