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Stop Settling: Expect More for Yourself

Stop Settling

You’re in love. Sort of. You like your job. Kind of. You can’t have it all, or at least you keep telling yourself that, and if what you have isn’t all that bad, what’s the problem? Well, it’s not all that good, either. So, stop settling!

Settling is a disease that minimizes possibility for people who deserve better, but don’t have the courage to demand it. Just about everybody settles for something at one point or another, but when you look at where you are — really look at it — and catch yourself thinking, “It could be way worse,” you are settling for something that could likely be way, way better.

You’ve seen people in truly fabulous relationships, but most people don’t have that kind of deep, enduring, best-friend kind of love so you make do with an average relationship. Many people settle for average because they think it beats the hell out of being alone. But, maybe it doesn’t. And maybe the decision to stop settling and start learning to be alone is the first step toward finding a true, enduring love.

The same thing goes for your job. If you are reluctant to start sending resumes out and deal with the whole indignity of job hunting, you settle for work that is good, not great. But a lot of people find their calling and real fulfillment by going for broke and daring to find something that is great, not just good. Why not you?

Are you settling? How’s that working for you?

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