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Need a total life reset?

Spend a week with Fawn Germer.

hiltonheadhealth_facilites03_Join speaker and best-selling, Oprah-featured author Fawn Germer for a total-life reboot that will stretch, work out and revitalize your mind, body and soul from the inside out. Fawn will spend the week with you and present workshops at Hilton Health the week of November 13, 2016 and  the weeks of June 18, 2017 and June 25, 2017.

Fawn has presented at Hilton Head Health for more than a decade and endorses the program because it is a lasting educational and physical reboot that will help you to lose weight, shed anxiety and focus on your complete self. Spend the week rebooting your life by rebalancing, refocusing, working out and learning how to take care of your full self at the health and wellness center Fawn loves most. If you aren’t feeling good about your body or life now, you will when you leave.

Register for Fawn’s special November program
and receive a special rate and spa incentives. Click here to learn more.

Fawn’s sessions for the November event include:


The dining room, where you will enjoy gourmet low-calorie food with the many new friends you will meet at Hilton Head Health.

When You are Going through Hell, Keep Going.

There’s a lot of truth to that Winston Churchill quote. There are times when you have to march through the darkness to find the light. The good news is that just about every life tsunami ends –  but unfortunately, it’s not usually on your schedule. You have to grow your resilience and internal fortitude by having new perspective that helps you understand what you are learning. This means you can assess your circumstances and consciously decide whether the adversity you are facing is worth the drama you are giving it. You do have the power to refocus and design a new path that will lead you to better times. Best-selling author Fawn Germer will show you how to confront your difficulties, learn what life is teaching you, and move out of the experience stronger than ever.

Finding Your Power 

We have so much power inside of us that we never even use. What would happen if you used the power you have to live the way you want to live and do the things you want to do? There comes a time when it’s time to take charge of yourself. We don’t like uncomfortable conversations and often make ourselves uncomfortable for months (or years) in bad situations and / or bad relationships because we don’t want to make others uncomfortable. We put ourselves last. But, the truth is, an uncomfortable conversation takes between three and15 minutes and gives you the power you have always had inside of you. We have to learn to find and use our inner power so we can fully be our true selves. This requires a dose of self-esteem training and boundary empowerment. If you know your power you can use it when needed, and that is your personal liberation.

Writing Through Your Inner Voice

There is a powerful voice within you that will give you all the answers you need — if you just ask. Best-selling author
Fawn Germer will teach you how to use directed journaling to hear the inner message that will comfort, lead and strengthen you. It mixes your own personal ideas of therapy and spirituality to give you the insight and direction you need when the answers to your problems are not coming to you. Bring a pad and pen or bring your laptop — whatever is fast enough to capture your stream of thought. You don’t have to be a great writer. All you have to do is let go and let it happen.

Register for Fawn’s special November program and receive a special rate and spa incentives. Click here to learn more.