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Need a total life reset?

Spend a week with Fawn Germer.

hiltonheadhealth_facilites03_Join speaker and best-selling, Oprah-featured author Fawn Germer for a total-life reboot that will stretch, work out and revitalize your mind, body and soul from the inside out. Fawn will spend the week with you and present workshops at Hilton Health the week of January 7, 2017.

Fawn has presented at Hilton Head Health for more than a decade and endorses the program because it is a lasting educational and physical reboot that will help you to lose weight, shed anxiety and focus on your complete self. Spend the week rebooting your life by rebalancing, refocusing, working out and learning how to take care of your full self at the health and wellness center Fawn loves most. If you aren’t feeling good about your body or life now, you will when you leave.

Register for Fawn’s special January program
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Fawn’s sessions for the January event include:


The dining room, where you will enjoy gourmet low-calorie food with the many new friends you will meet at Hilton Head Health.

Part I: Your Reset Moment

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reset yourself like you reset your computer when it slows down? Dump your baggage and take out the emotional garbage that’s slowing you down? Whether you’re in a depression or you’re facing a life that is terribly out of balance, a reset can be your miracle turning point. It’s you deciding that enough is enough. It’s you taking the power that you either didn’t know or forgot that you had. A reset is not a do-over. It’s a start-over. It is a conscious and deliberate choice to take charge and do what calls your soul — giving it a good jolt. A reset.

Part II: Changing Your Mindset

Reset is not just a mini life overhaul. You don’t reset your entire equilibrium by deciding to lose ten pounds, or switch jobs, or give up drinking, or get a divorce. A reset begins with a huge change in your psyche that requires planning, execution, and commitment.

Your time at the Hilton Head Health Institute marks what could be a seismic life-changing moment. But, for the reset to last, you have to do some of the emotional work that will help you reset your negative thinking, stress level, fear, need to please, boundaries and more. First, you make the decision to empower your purpose. Second, you follow-through with the affirmations that will keep you on course to making it real.

Part III: Resetting

     You’ve already come so far — just showing up and doing the heavy lifting at Hilton Head. But, to ensure long-term success, we will set out your specific goals for your reset and break everything down into the steps that you will check off one at a time until you have achieved what you have set out to do. We will look at potential obstacles and come up with a plan to help you to embrace your new way of life. Finally, we will take steps that help you to shed what held you down in the past. There comes a time when you have to let go and move on, and this session will help you make that happen.

Register for Fawn’s special January program and receive a special rate and spa incentives. Click here to learn more.