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As soon as the truth got out about what Fawn Germer was doing onstage, America’s largest corporations and associations rushed to book her .  Her first book, Hard Won Wisdom, was on fire and Oprah loved it. But, there was something else that Fawn had that other speakers didn’t. She had the uncanny ability to connect large numbers of people — every person in her audience felt felt like he or she knew her.

Fawn is a four-time Pulitzer nominee whose trademark is interviewing leaders and trailblazers for their hard won wisdom. Without question, she’s got the credibility that most motivational speakers lack.

But she’s got that rare human ability to connect on such a personal level that others trust her and her message. She is so passionate about teaching others to choose what they really want in life — the go for it — that lives change when the event is over.

In front of a business audience, she draws on lessons learned from the interviews she did when she went to the nation’s most powerful corporate leaders to ask what it takes to take charge. She was told this: Performance is mandatory. But, it is only one piece of what Fawn has identified as a three-pronged strategy that has been used to achieve stratospheric success.

From those interviews, this amazing keynote speaker distilled success and leadership strategies that no other leadership speaker can offer. Only Fawn  has gone to the CEOs, company presidents, CFOs, COOs, EVPs, and SVPs who have broken the barriers. They told her exactly how they did it: what worked, and what didn’t.

She brings together her inspiration and humor in new presentations that show:

1. Networking is working. Relationships drive careers.
2. Success often comes when you dare to do something you know nothing about.
3. The path to the senior office is usually not a straight line up. It may involve lateral or even downward moves to expand expertise.
4. You create your next job promotion by volunteering for additional duties, then overdelivering results.
5. There is a specific “language” of leadership unique to women.
6. This generation of leaders can’t waste time on perfection in a marketplace that moves faster than you can line up your ducks.

Fawn’s interviews resulted in the 20 core rules for leadership and career success. Those rules are the cornerstones of a series of keynote presentations.

Fawn works with organizations that want more courageous and creative performance from their people. She does this by using the success and leadership strategies from the more than 200 world famous leaders she interviewed for her best-selling books. This popular international speaker has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to boldly charge forward by fortifying their risks, embracing their obstacles and building the networks that create success. She has keynoted leadership events for major corporations and international associations including: Kraft, Ford Motor Co., Coca Cola, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Motorola, Moen, Boeing, Capital One, the American Banker’s Association, Network of Executive Women — even the Central Intelligence Agency.