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What Great Leaders Say About Leadership Speaker Fawn Germer’s Keynotes

What Great Leaders Say About Leadership Speaker Fawn Germer’s Keynotes

“Fawn was a wonderful part of our convention.  Her real life stories allowed for a personal connection with our store owners and contributed to a very successful convention. Fawn’s energy and enthusiasm gave us just what we were shooting for!”  Tim Davis, President, The UPS Store, Inc.

“Fawn Germer is an original – someone who brings out the best in her audience because she shows how to expect and embrace obstacles because opportunity hides inside of them. She’s funny, inspiring and, for me, a real life-changer.” Kathy Casey, Vice President, U.S. Channels, Kellogg Company

“From the first moment you meet her, you know that Fawn is real.  Her down to earth, inspirational message is genuine.  She is able to connect with and relate to everyone in her audience through her experiences and upbeat personality.” Christopher Iacoli, President of the Collegiate Athletic Business Management Association for the NCAA

“Why is Fawn so powerful and influential over peoples’ lives? It is her unique ability to read people inside-out, then connect and resonate with them naturally. She does not need authority or title to inspire people. It is her, as a human being and an informal leader, that inspires us to exceed our own expectations and succeed. You talk to her for one minute and you get it instantly.” Wilson Zhu, Executive Vice President, Michaels

“Fawn, we were so glad you came to speak at Unilever! We all left feeling so uplifted by your energy, passion and humor. Your stories are so inspiring and relevant to what we all face at work – and in life. It is amazing how you stand in front of an audience and connect so personally that every one of us felt like you were talking directly to us.” Kimberly Senter, Senior Director of Customer Development, Unilever

 If you take nothing else away from your encounter with Fawn Germer, you will learn that striving to outdo yourself will make almost anything possible. Fawn urges people to take risks, push themselves to their limits and believe in themselves – and have fun while doing so! I believe her new book will inspire her many readers and supporters.” Jill B. Smart, Chief Human Resources Officer – Accenture

“For any company that is looking to increase their engagement scores among employees and improve morale, Fawn is a MUST hire to speak to their organization. Fawn does an incredible job in reaching across all genders, ages, and professions. She always finds the right balance between quality coaching and humor to engage the audience and leave a last impression; they will be laughing one moment, and holding back tears the next! An added bonus is when you can provide one of her books to all participants that reinforces her message.” Sharon Belto, National Account Sales Director, Hallmark (also hired Fawn at Novartis)

“Fawn is a very engaging speaker and she connects with the audience in a very genuine, authentic and spellbinding style.” Wayne Strickland, President – General Manager Team Walmart & Sam’s Club Hallmark Cards

“You were the show! And you did an amazing job. We really depended on you to pull off Bayer’s WLI National Event between your keynote speech and moderating of the panel.  And, you’ll see from the scores — you delivered! Your ability to deliver messages in an enjoyable, story-telling style makes you an incredibly engaging and fun speaker for the audience. Your website sets you up as a motivational speaker — which you are – but you offer so much more when it comes to leadership development content. Plus, you did a great job moderating the panel – what an added bonus we got from you.  You read the audience and the panel very well, keeping the panel conversational and dynamic.  It was our best panel to date!”  Laura Schwieterman, Marketing Director, Bayer HealthCare

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fawn on multiple occasions. She is an excellent speaker, author and overall outstanding human being. Having hired Fawn for a three keynote addresses at different companies, I have to say that she is always on point and relevant. She meets you where you are at, listens to your needs and crafts a message that is inspirational and motivational based on real world experiences. She is always a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Fawn for any event.” Liz Corey, Director, Global Talent Acquisition & Corporate HR, Masonite

“Fawn is an amazing human being first, which makes her an extraordinary leader! She delivers her full self in an authentic way through her books and her speaking. She has a true calling to leadership and empowerment. She inspired over 2000 leaders at our annual Women’s Leadership Breakfast and left everyone thinking about the life they should be living and how it paying it forward actually moves you forward! Fawn is one of a kind and a real joy to work with.” — Alicia Adamson, Senior Director, United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

“Fawn is an authentic, energetic and motivational speaker who truly connects with audiences. I have heard her speak several times and have always walked away with a nugget of wisdom. She is also fabulous at facilitating a speaker’s panel and drawing out the experiences and insights of those she interviews.” Lyne Brown, Vice President of eCommerce, The Clorox Company

“If you are looking to inspire & motivate an organization, Fawn should be at the top of the list. Her message of service, empowerment, & leadership is based on not only her own personal journey, but also on the learnings of other accomplished leaders. She can deliver a powerful message with humor, where the audience will walk out of the room with a fire in their belly, pushing themselves to see what they are truly made of. You can consider me a true fan!” Michelle Brigman, Director Client Experience, Ciiti

“Fawn is a highly engaging speaker, with so many motivating and entertaining stories to share. She brings the experience of a celebrated journalist, a shrewd business leader, and a determined athlete who has faced those life-shaping challenges and successes that resonate deeply with her audience. The hour-long presentation was not nearly enough, and I look forward to the next opportunity to hear Fawn speak.” Carol Fairbank, Director of Employee Focus, Cisco Systems 

Fawn Germer hit the target! Her poignant story-telling captivated our highly technical workforce and delivered a message that reinforced the Army leadership tenets. Whether discussing risk-taking or using the golden rule, Fawn was loud and clear! Leadership matters and now is the perfect time to make a difference. Dr. Gerardo J. Melendez, Director, US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center

“WOW. Fawn is terrific, she absolutely understands the issues. More important, she knows how to truly connect with men and women to help them understand how to capture opportunities and challenge themselves. Fawn’s realism comes across both as a speaker and author. She has lived her lessons and her honesty makes a difference.” Kathy Hannan, Managing Partner, KPMG

“Fawn Germer’s powerful points about taking initiative and overcoming obstacles are outstanding. Her down-to-earth style, personal experiences and sense of humor drive her message home.” Paulo Costa, former CEO, Novartis

“Fawn has had a tremendous impact on my life. She touches an emotional cord that pushes us out of our comfort zones. Her real life stories help all of us to realize that our shortcomings can turn out to be our greatest gifts. She challenges us to take risks and pull ourselves to a level we never thought we dared to go.” Marie Quintana, President, Tu Familia, former  Senior Vice President, Multicultural Sales, PepsiCo

“Fawn Germer has the uncanny ability to capture an audience at every touchpoint possible. She is smart, witty, charming, challenging, thought provoking, and engaging – all at the same time. She captures both the mind and the heart by inspiring men and women not just to go for the gold, but to get it! I know. I went for it and I got it!” Barb Hartman, former Vice President, Customer Business Development, Procter and Gamble

“We hired Fawn to speak at a Supply Chain Women’s Conference. She did an excellent job at motivating the audience. The best part was inviting her to dinner and spending one on one time with her and a team of about 10 other women – we had great conversation.” Theresa Bertucci, Kraft Senior Director Manufacturing Business Development & Engineering

“Fawn Germer is a sage. It was Fawn’s sound advice, strategic thinking and listening skills that encouraged me to start my own business. She was wise, pragmatic and insightful. I often give her books to friends of mine who are on the bubble about life/career choices. She’s a Mustang!”  Sara Brady, Former Vice President Public Affairs for Bright House Networks, now CEO of Sara Brady Public Relations

“Having seen Fawn Germer speak, I expected a lot. Finding the UP in the Downturn delivers the hope and direction we need to get moving in spite of tough times. She inspires others to take risks…To push their limits. To step out of their comfort zone… To achieve more than they might have thought possible… To be the best they can be.” Maureen McGurl, former Executive Vice President. The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company.

“Fawn defines the word inspirational. I have heard her speak to audiences of +350 men and women and have them laugh, cry, get fired up, and leave determined to take a risk and dare to push their limits. She can pull this off because her own story is so inspirational and she really tells it from her heart. She really grabs you! Her books truly add dimension to her speaking engagements. I have read them all and enjoyed each one more than the last!” Maria Edelson, Director of Sales Capability Development, North America, Procter & Gamble

“Fawn has the gift of finding the truth below the facts and telling it in ways that enable people to act. Because she is fearless and relentless she gets both the big picture and local action. She lives with the motto, “Never let a crisis be wasted – in the crisis is an opportunity to grab”.” Steffie Allen, Principle, The Athena Group, LLC

“Fawn Germer made our night of Hard Won Wisdom one of the most successful events ever held at the Swiss Embassy. It was a memorable night filled with fresh thought and vision, and it worked because her comfort with the audience made us so comfortable with her.” Carlos Orga, Embassy of Switzerland, Minister, Presence Switzerland
“Fawn weaves a gripping personal tale into the leadership lesson and has everyone on the edge of their seat. She is warm, engaging, and builds lasting friendships from her associations. I highly recommend Fawn and would hire her again in a heartbeat.” Robin Rodin, Principle, The Rodin Group, former Director of Leadership Development for GlaxoSmithKline

“Fawn is a speaker who stirs your soul. As you listen to her story and to the insights of the amazing people she has interviewed, you can easily internalize the message into your own life. She is easy to relate to, because she is so real.” Kara Pelecky, Senior Manager of Infrastructure Projects, Exelon

“Fawn taught me that it is ok to take risks, even when everybody else thinks you are nuts. Break the rules, beat the odds, live your dream –that’s Fawn’s mantra and it’s infectious. She motivates through truth and wisdom— and what makes her better than the rest is that she infuses humor in her stories and is willing to show that she, too, has a vulnerable side.” Renee Warmack, Documentary Filmmaker

“Fawn Germer is an inspiration! Fawn connects, inspires and motivates people to do the best that they can do in their own industry, field and community. If you want to read some of her jewels of wisdom – pick up one of Fawn’s books. If the opportunity is presented to listen to Fawn speak – TAKE IT!” Keri Douglas, fmr. Press Secretary, Embassy of Switzerland

“We hired Fawn as the keynote speaker for our annual meeting of healthcare market research professionals. She was certainly the highlight of the 3-day event. As soon as she was on stage, she grabbed and held the attention of our 300+ attendees. By way of sharing the insights and learnings she’s assembled from hundreds of interviews with successful men and women, she showed us that success and advancement will always hard — its hard for everyone– but with a passion to succeed and the courage to move the obstacle in front of us — or to go  around it — we too can accomplish great things.” Liz Coyle, General Manager, IMS Health

“Fawn is one of the smartest and most positive people I have ever met. Over the ten years I have known her she has been an amazing resource, offering perceptive insights, strategies and encouragement, all wrapped up in her unfailing good humor and dynamic style.” Nancy Rawlinson, Editor, Madison magazine

“Fawn is a wonderful author, speaker and friend who the Network of Executive Women considers one of its greatest supporters. We hired Fawn to write a book about the amazing women leaders of our industry-a real turning point for our organization- as we published it and sold over 15,000 copies! Fawn has been a key partner touring the country and facilitating panels of the women featured in the book at our various regional events… Fawn continues to be a source of inspiration, ideas and support for the Network-she embodies our ideals of diversity, inclusion, and finding one’s voice.” Alison Kenney Paul, Past President, Network of Executive Women