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Work-Life Balance: It’s Not About Balance, It’s About CHOICES.

It is possible to work 24 hours a day and still have more to do. Thank you, technology. More people than ever now have no lives.

Fawn Germer has helped hundreds of thousands of people to make choices and own the responsibility for creating balance in their lives. Corporations and organizations worldwide have turned to Fawn to show their people how to define personal priorities, set boundaries and achieve a semblance of balance that makes them happier, healthier and better assets at work.

“Never postpone living a fulfilling, happy life,” Fawn says. “My wake-up came the day my healthy mom had the stroke thatscreen-shot-2016-10-27-at-9-29-13-pmparalyzed her for the rest of her life. Live like today is all you’ve got.”

Audiences will learn to:

  • Go deep, examine values and set priorities for what really matters.
  • Commit to time and focus management techniques that free up time to create balance.
  • Do a conscious reset to commit to a happier approach and perspective.
  • Set boundaries that honor what really matters, rather than always trying to meet the expectations of others.
  • Stop waiting for permission to do what they want.
  • Choose to be happy now, not later, and honor that choice by making the hard decisions that create harmony.

Work-Life Reset

Did you and your co-workers show up at work today feeling as if this was the first day at the best job ever? Probably not. More than half of American professionals say they are unhappy at work and more than 40 percent report feeling stressed at work every single day.

Time for a reset.

“Almost every human being reaches a point where he or she needs a dramatic reset in their work or personal lives,” says keynote speaker and best-selling Oprah book author Fawn Germer, whose Work-Life Reset topped best-seller lists the second day of its release. “The good news is that it can be done easily. We have tremendous power to change our attitude and approach.”

Fawn’s audiences learn to conquer stress, redefine their work and personal lives, and do a total reboot from a life of pressure and disappointment to one of happiness and satisfaction. Even better, they don’t just improve their lives but also the lives of their families, friends, colleagues and customers. As a keynote speaker, Fawn has led work-life balance and reset programs for major organizations and companies around the world, and has frequently been the go-to guru on talk shows.

Fawn famously bonds with her audiences with her no-pretense approach and sense of humor. She is the best-selling author of eight books and a four-time Pulitzer-nominated journalist. She is also one of only three women on the famous list of the “World’s Top 30 Leadership Professionals,” which ranks speakers worldwide.

Fawn’s Work-Life Reset program shows how to:

  • Find your own magic bullet – your personal go-to cure for sadness, ruts or frustration.
  • See life through a big-picture lens so you maintain a perspective of balance that reduces stress and frees you to define your priorities.
  • Change your mindset so you aren’t polluted by office politics or gossip.
  • Deal with change by grounding yourself in mindfulness.
  • Ratchet it up by re-igniting the spark that drew you to your calling in the first place.
  • Make your job work for you even when you think you’re over it.
  • Choose happiness rather than expecting it to come to you.
  • Set real boundaries and honor them.

Work Unmasked.

Why the Real You Always Performs Better.

Don’t trust those “experts” who will tell you that you need to look, talk and act according to a formula if you want to succeed. Those phonies are training a new generation of pretenders.

 “Get real,” says keynote speaker and best-selling, Oprah-book author Fawn Germer. “You are your greatest asset. If you aren’t bringing your full self to work, you can’t deliver your best performance.”

Your individual strengths make you stand out.

Many professionals hold back or try to blend in because they aren’t confident in their uniqueness. Some worry that if others see what they are really like, they may be judged or labeled or exposed.

Fawn is one of three women on the famous “guru list” of the world’s top 30 leadership keynote speakers. She’s the best-selling author of eight books and a four-time, Pulitzer-nominated journalist. She’s changed the performance dynamic for  hundreds of thousands of people.

When you hide or mute your real self, you minimize your opportunity to shine.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you could overpower doubt and fear and charge forward, confident that you have what it takes to deal with anyone, at any level? If you knew you were completely capable and competent because of your individuality? If you could bank on your own inner brilliance instead of always trying to guess what you think others want or expect?

In keynote speaker Fawn Germer’s workplace authenticity program, you will learn to:

  • Confidently and comfortably fit in and interact – with anybody.
  • Make peace with your flaws and bet on yourself.
  • Project the best of who you are when networking, leading, presenting or interacting at work.
  • Overpower negative self-talk that makes you less likable and limits your success.
  • Give up on perfection and be more confident and decisive.
  • Deal with situations when others might not be as enraptured by you as they should be.

The Tenacity Factor: Why the worst can bring out your best

By all means, have a plan for your success.

“It’s the greatest piece of fiction you will ever write,” says international leadership speaker and bestselling Oprah book author Fawn Germer. “Life does not unfold according to plan.”

Weak people see obstacles and stop. Tenacious people see obstacles and find a way.

Success – at work and in life – requires tenacity, grit and focus. At some point, you make the choice to boldly move ahead or shrink down in fear or worry. Fawn shows how to embrace life’s complications for all the challenge and potential they hold.

“Don’t judge yourself by what comes easy,” she says. “Judge yourself by what you do when things get hard.”

Fawn learned this lesson when her first book, Hard Won Wisdom, was rejected by every major publisher in the United States. She persevered until it was the best-seller that Oprah held close and told the world was “very inspiring.” She is now the best-selling author of eight books and keynotes around the world about tenacity, workplace authenticity, life balance and leadership.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight” is the Japanese proverb that is her motto, but that is just the beginning of the game-changing program that uses a dose of tenacity and grit to move others from ordinary to extraordinary.

She teaches how to:

  • Expect adversity. Nobody gets a free ride, and those who charge ahead with guts, courage and determination are destined to prevail.
  • Realize that setbacks are loaded with opportunity and possibility. They ultimately lead you to a stronger, more successful version of yourself.
  • Quickly recover from a blow, assess the situation and strategize a plan.
  • Always get up for another round, no matter how worn out and frustrated you feel.
  • Focus on the solution, not the problem. Let go of worry, negativity or self-pity.
  • Stop complaining and just confront complications, delays and setbacks.
  • Persevere, regardless of the challenge at hand, until you have prevailed. Endurance is everything.

Looking for More? Just Sleep on It.

Corporate America is waking up to the power of sleep.

Workers who don’t sleep don’t deliver. A round of recent studies detailed just how deeply sleep deprivation impacts performance and the corporate bottom line. Getting by on little of sleep is nothing to brag about: It just means you are prone to problems with focus, attention, learning and memory. You’ll miss more work, will have a higher risk of accident and will be prone to significant health issues.

Beyond that, good sleep makes for happy people. Bad sleep makes for more anxious and depressed individuals.

Fawn Germer’s keynote, “Just Sleep on It” shows how to prioritize sleep as a means to a fuller, more productive life.

You will learn to:

  • Determine how much sleep you really need.
  • See how a lack of sleep is impacting your life.
  • Set boundaries and commit to a good night’s sleep.
  • Know the consequences of sleep deprivation.
  • Shift perspective. Sleeping less does not mean you can deliver more.
  • Use techniques to fall asleep (and stay asleep) more easily.

The Innovation Blueprint

Here is how to dive into risk by giving yourself permission to create something amazing — or really awful. Do you want to innovate? Well, you won’t get far if you cripple yourself with a fear of criticism, rejection, or a lack of confidence. Dive in. Thomas Edison created 1,000 loser light bulbs before he invented the one that worked.

Fawn teaches how to combine creativity, risk, disruption, collaboration and action into an innovation blueprint that will inspire and challenge you to explore the unexplored, recreating the wheel or anything else by turning your perspective inside out.


What good is creativity without action – and output? Fawn shows how to build an innovator’s self-confidence to dare, dream, present and project manage beyond your field of vision.  You will learn:

  • The difference between innovation and disruption and how to combine the two.
  • How to catapult your creativity into another sphere.
  • How to find your bearings when you are exploring the unknown.
  • Project managing creativity into an action plan that puts innovation to work
  • Inspiring innovation in others to boost collaboration, buy-in and widespread success.

Women’s Leadership

Timing is everything, and when Fawn Germer’s Hard Won Wisdom was published, the timing was perfect to launch a new generation of women leaders to move beyond insecurity, take charge, claim turf and bring other women along with them instead of viewing them as competition.

Fawn’s book topped bestseller lists just as corporations were beginning to focus on women’s leadership. Since then, she has keynoted for corporations and organizations around the world, as well as the Harvard, Wharton, UCLA Anderson and Baylor schools of business.

Fawn is the only speaker to personally go to the greatest women of our times and ask them what they learned the hard way.

This four-time, Pulitzer-nominated investigative reporter interviewed Hillary Clinton and other world leaders including presidents and prime ministers. She’s interviewed business icons, including CEOs Marissa Mayer, Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman and scores of others. She’s gotten insights from scientists, Nobel Peace Prize winners, politicians, Olympic athletes, Academy Award winners and trailblazers that include Diana Nyad, Jane Goodall, Martina Navratilova, Ann Richards and so many others.

From them, she distilled a list of strategies and tactics to propel hundreds of thousands of women forward and show them how to claim their turf, confront (and overpower) their self-esteem issues, ask for help, expect obstacles and persevere regardless of the setbacks and complications.

“I really struggled to find my way as a strong woman in the workplace,” she says. “The women leaders I interviewed demystified everything for me. They taught me the strategies of engagement.”

Fawn is one of America’s most sought-after speakers for women’s leadership and the nation’s foremost expert on work-life balance.

Among the leadership lessons:

  • You’ll never fly if you don’t jump off the cliff.
  • Don’t let security be your dangerous anchor.
  • Give up on perfection. Excellence is better.
  • One of the biggest mistakes women make is expecting all their hard work to be recognized and rewarded.
  • Men constantly ask for favors, women would rather die. But, don’t ask, don’t get.
  • Bring your authentic self to work. If they can’t handle you, you are working in the wrong place.
  • Why not you? There is no special success DNA.


Hard Won Wisdom

If you have ever wanted to pick the brains of highly successful people, now’s your chance. Speaker Fawn Germer has personally interviewed over 300 highly successful people, including world leaders, top ranking CEOs, Nobel laureates, Olympic athletes and even movie stars, to discover the real secret of their success.

Fawn will share with you the success secrets of these leaders and trailblazers on what it takes to win. These inspiring stories are just the thing to give your company or organization the performance jolt it needs to be wildly successful.

Fawn shows you how to:

  • Market  your achievements for career advancement
  • Embrace who you really are and go for it
  • Seek and find  connection opportunities that will further your career
  • Realize your greatest potential by taking risks and moving forward
  • Give up on the concept of perfection and achieve your goals
  • Find key leaders who will advance and mentor you