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Succeeding Wildly at Work

Succeeding Wildly at Work

If you expect your hard work to be recognized and rewarded, you are making a huge mistake. If you are taking ownership over your career, you have to do the heavy lifting.

Here is what some of the most senior leaders in American business told me about succeeding wildly at work:

• It is a mistake to wait for the “big project.” The way to get the big project is by doing a lot of small ones very well.

• Do your absolute best work on everything you are asked to do, from the simplest assignment to the most complicated.

• Be willing to take on tough assignments.

• Overdeliver. Overdeliver. Overdeliver.

• Evaluate your progress and be flexible. It is dangerous to get so committed to what you are doing that you stop evaluating whether you are moving in the right direction.

• Don’t hesitate to raise your hand. There are opportunities to broaden your skills base and be seen as a real contributor because you are willing to say yes.

• Any leader is glad to have somebody willing to take on more so they don’t have to hire more people.

• Understand the expectations and what success looks like for every assignment, and make sure everybody who evaluates you understands what you are going to deliver.

• Don’t compete against your peers—compete against a standard. Do what differ- entiates you against the standard for excellence. Judge yourself against the very best you can be.


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