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Just Ten Minutes

I travel a lot for my speaking business and the thing I hate most is coming home to a dining room table covered with stacks of mail. I just can’t deal with it, and so I leave it. Then the pile grows. And grows.

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There came a point where there was not a single inch of space available on that table. One morning, I lamented this to a friend who told me, “Just set your timer and give it ten minutes of straightening time. You can do the same thing tomorrow. But, you only have to do it for ten minutes.” Well, that didn’t seem so bad, so I told myself I would do it.

I kept putting it off. Noon came and went, two o’clock, four o’clock, and finally I said to myself, “This is ridiculous. It’s only ten minutes.” So, I set the clock, and focused on that table. Ten minutes later, I realized I was almost finished clearing that table. It only would take another five minutes, which I gladly did. Suddenly, that table was 100 percent clear of clutter.

It is exactly the same when trying to clear the clutter you have stacked up in your brain. Even if the outcome is peace of mind, inner strength and outright joy, the idea of changing your entire thought pattern, perceptions and attitudes sounds like work.

You don’t have to change everything today.

You don’t have to go into some twenty-three hour Zen zone of affirmation, affirmation, affirmation to reprogram every negative thing about you.

Just give it ten minutes.

Just start.

The single parent I mentioned yesterday did go back to school and is a nurse today. It was a long, arduous challenge, but she did it one step at a time.

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