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Moving Forward

When you want to quit, take a break, slow down, recharge, then start again. Move forward slowly, an inch at a time if you have to, but keep moving forward knowing that there will come a point where you conquer your challenge.

You see, if you give the universe permission, it will give you every possible excuse to lose faith in yourself and quit. Once you quit on yourself, you might as well quit everything else.

The cycling story I wrote about yesterday is just a metaphor. Perseverance like that has nothing to do with cycling, and really, nothing to do with the task at hand that is giving you so much trouble.

Those moments of great self-doubt are profound test points that determine your own strength or fortitude. They determine whether you want to achieve your goals – or not. You have to assume that things never go as planned and obstacles will arise to make your challenge harder to achieve. Know that, so you can expect and accept the torture of temporary setbacks and failures. Then get back up on your bike and move on.

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