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Staying ahead of change

We were just discussing adapting to change in a business environment. The best example is that notion of “offshore support.”

You have consumers and politicians screeching that it is wrong to send those jobs overseas, but did it stop that moving tide? NO. Instead, some companies have made billions finding ways to expand offshore support to every layer of American business. Others have made fortunes training offshore workers in language and cultural skills so they can effectively serve customers like me. Others companies have created revenue-generating websites showing how to maneuver automated telephone systems and get to the right place with the least amount of brain drain.

Change was happening. People may have stood at the sidelines complaining, but the brilliant ones got in front of the change and made money off of it. Lots and lots of money off of it.

It’s as if the earth used to revolve and now it just spins. It moves faster and faster. Those who “get” that, see trends and stand out front and take advantage of them. Those who don’t just wait for things to go back the way they were, which they never will.

download legend of bagger vance the dvd Look at your industry and ask yourself a few questions:

1. How has this company changed in the last decade. The last five years. The last year.

2. Have you been in front of the change, riding along with the change, slowly and begrudgingly adapting the change, or actively pushing against the change, arguing for things to go back to the way they were?

3. How do you anticipate your company or industry changing in the next year, five years and decade?

4. Have you actively studied and brainstormed the possibilities?

5. Have you positioned yourself as a key player in the change strategy? How can you do that?

6. Are you internally networked enough so you can make suggestions and volunteer for assignments?

7. Are you active in your industry so you can benefit from hearing what other companies are doing?

8. Are you a leader in your industry so you can help create the change scenarios that will define what’s ahead?

Take a minute to look at your office. Your computer. Your work product. Your schedule. Chances are great that, ten years from now, you will see yourself sitting in a very different environment doing things very differently. There are so few operations that will stay just as they are so employees can comfortably go to work, knowing what to expect. The world is going to keep spinning at this pace with or without your permission.

You can either take advantage of the opportunities that change brings, or stand there, helpless, as others tell you what you have to do. Either look ahead and adapt, or keep waiting for things to go back to the way they were. Your choice. One way, you win. The other way, you loose. It is that simple.

Change is.

Let it challenge you, excite you and make you rich.

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