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When Everything Falls Apart… Walk Away. (For a Little While)

When Everything Falls Apart

The next time you have a day when the universe is messing with your fortitude– when everything falls apart, pack it in and move along for the day. Why hang around to miss some more when you have been swinging the bat and missing all day?  Sometimes you just need to walk away. Breathe.

This does not mean quit. It means walk away. Decompress. Do something you enjoy. Connect with people you care about. Pray. Do something that makes you happy. Recharge yourself so that, come morning, you have the energy to dig in and make things happen again.

For example, a deal falls through. And then another. Then your pen leaks on your suit. Then you get a flat tire.

At some point, you have just got to get up and walk away. It’s not going to get any better. It may not get better for awhile, but if you go home, get on your bicycle or go for a walk or kiss a baby or do something that can ground you in your “real” life, you will be able to shed some of that ick that has attached itself to you.

Be with the blessings that you count. Breathe in what is good with your life and your frustration will magically level off so you are prepared to dive back in and create success the next day.

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