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Why not you?

One thing I notice when I am out on the road is that people “in the ranks” think they are somehow different from those who have soared above. Like the superstars have something special or have been pre-ordained for the success they achieve.

That is a complete crock. Some people are “special” because their self-confidence lets them see that they can do big things, and they have the guts to try. So, the next time you see an opportunity and hesitate, ask yourself this:

Why not you?

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What makes anyone else more deserving of great success and financial reward than you? Are the people who control the business, financial and political worlds the most deserving or even the most intelligent and competent people in the world? No! They just got in line, had a vision and started working.

I think I need to drive this home a little more. You cannot assume that those who have “made it” are any more special than you are, because they are not. I promise you. I have spent much of my career interviewing people who are held out as great success stories and visionary leaders. They are special people because they had the courage to chase their dreams and manifest their success. But, they are not always the best or the brightest. They are the boldest. They bet on themselves and carry forth.

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