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The Rules of Performance

Here are the rules of performance for your career:

• Do your absolute best work on everything you are asked to do, from the simples tassignment to the most complicated.

• Be willing to take on tough assignments.

• Overdeliver. Overdeliver. Overdeliver.

• It is a mistake to wait for the “big project.” The way to get the big project is by doing a lot of small ones very well.

• Evaluate your progress and be flexible. It is dangerous to get so committed to what you are doing that you stop evaluating whether you are moving in the right direction.

• Don’t hesitate to raise your hand. There are opportunities to broaden your skills base and be seen as a real contributor because you are willing to say yes.

• Any leader is glad to have somebody willing to take on more so they don’t have to hire more people.

• Understand the expectations and what success looks like for every assignment, and make sure everybody who evaluates you understands what you are going to

• Don’t compete against your peers—compete against a standard. Do what differ- entiates you against the standard for excellence. Judge yourself against the very best you can be.

• Perform. Perform better than anybody else.

• Ask others for help.

• When others try to help you, don’t be stubborn. Listen to them. Take the help if it will move you toward your goal.

• Keep your end goal in mind at all times.

• Know that there are always multiple ways to solve a single problem.

• When you are struggling, change your game. Win by playing a different strategy.

• Learn the business model: Build trust, communicate, create alignment with goals, find the sweet spot, know how you will grow the other person’s career or business, execute and follow up.

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