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The subject of self-marketing has come up again and again. But, remember that if you think your hard work and excellent performance put you on the fast track, you’re wrong. It puts you on no track at all. You have to build relationships and market your results in order to drive your career. That is simply the way things work.

Some of the women I spoke with said it was necessary to make career sacrifices and put their careers on hold for a time while taking care of family or personal concerns. While they worried what the long-term implications might be, all of them said they had no regrets. And, while some admitted they could have moved higher and faster, they ultimately progressed. It was just another one of those off-ramps from the highway.

You are driving your career, so don’t count on your company to drive it for you. There is so much you can control by consciously taking charge, deciding what you want and strategizing what you need to do in order to get it. You can’t count on company leaders to actively worry about what is best for you. That’s your job.

You deserve to have challenging work that calls you. You deserve to be in a company that is a good cultural fit. You deserve to succeed. And, you deserve to have fun in the process.

If you are not in an environment that is letting you do what you dream of doing, it is not the company’s fault. It’s yours, for staying in a situation that is not working. Don’t be afraid of making the changes that will define your individual greatness. Be afraid of waking up two or five or ten years from now, still breathing the same stale air that you are breathing right now.

I have noticed that it often takes the same effort to succeed as it does to languish. Languishing takes so much psychic energy that could instead be used to propel yourself toward something that matters to you.

You can drive in fifth gear, or you can idle away.

It’s your choice.

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