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I Turned 50 Today

When I was 29, I went to a therapist

And told her

I felt old.

I turned 50 today,

under the towers of Zion

where I cycled and hiked and laughed until

the day ended in darkness

under the watch of a million desert stars.

Sometimes, I am officially irrelevant,

A middle-aged woman,



Don’t tell, but I sneaked into the pool of a five-star resort

Just put my beach bag on a real nice lounger and when I put on my sunscreen,

A server brought me a glass of champagne,

Because she thought I belonged there…

Free champagne, I am so free.

I can wear whatever bathing suit and show off all kinds of cellulite because,

At this point,

No one is looking to criticize

The middle-aged woman.

Let the world ignore me while I ignore the expectations

Every day,

I will look up to God and

kiss warm light.

I choose not to dream,

But to live.

  1. Fawn –
    Yet again you touch my heart and mind. Your thought process is so down to earth, yet earth shattering and mind boggling at the same time. I want to memorize this to recite over and over again in a very few short months when I am 60. It so reminds me of my favorite poem, “When I Am Old, I Shall Wear Purple…:

    Thank you again for coming into our lives in such a poignant way.


  2. I told you! Turning fifty and being able to speak about it is a wonderful thing! You are beautiful! the comments people want to make… don’t seem to matter anymore.. and it only gets better with each year to come!
    Enjoy your journey, may it be a long and happy exciting one! I could say hair-raising..but your sky diving has already used that one up. Ha,ha!

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