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The “As Soon As” Trap

Work-Life Reset
Have you fallen into the “as soon as” trap?

As soon as you lose 15 pounds …

As soon as you finish your degree …

As soon as you can afford to …

As soon as the kids are old enough to be left alone …

As soon as you retire …

What if “as soon as” never comes? Why sacrifice a day or a week or a month or a year trying to get through one ordeal and the next and the one after that, delaying happiness until things settle down? Life is chaotic. There will always be some new lesson thrown at you that will grow you — but also distract you. There is always a challenge.

I was showing my doctor pictures from a weekend kayaking trip. She looked wistfully off into space and said, “One day, when I have a life again …”

“Seriously?” I asked her. “You have to wait to have a life?”

“I have a life,” she said. “My kids and my patients.”

That is a lot of life.

But if she doesn’t keep a sliver of life just for herself, she’ll lose her identity to her obligations. If she doesn’t live life now, then she may never get the chance.

What do you wish you could do in life? And what are you waiting for?

A lot of people postpone living until things are just right. As if there will be a moment when everything is in order.

Things are never “just right” for long. Everything will be in order for a few hours or maybe a day, and then something will happen that will remind you that the only real order in life is disorder.

When you have a problem, you have a natural desire to know that everything will work out fine. You crave the certainty and comfort of resolution. When you get it, you relax. But guess what? It won’t be long before another problem presents itself. That is how life unfolds. Who gets a stress-free ride with no adversity?

It would be nice. But it would also be pretty boring.

There was a time when everything was perfect in my life. It was a very short time — just one night in 1990 when I was in my 20s. I slept so well that night! But life intruded the next morning, and I learned something important: You have a lot less stress when you stop stressing about this thing or that thing that could be better.

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