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Unemployed for More Than A Year. The Show’s Not Over!

I gave a motivational speech yesterday for a group of men and women who have been unemployed for awhile. A long while. Most of them have been out of work for more than a year and many are closing in on two years without a paycheck.

At least 90 percent were over 40 and, probably 75 percent were over 50.

I found myself looking at a group of people that had largely lost hope. One woman came up to me and said, “I know I won’t be able to get a job selling because of my age. I have to find some way to re-invent myself.” Maybe re-invention will be good for her, but I was stunned by the hopelessness in her tone. It’s not as if she were 100 years old. She was 52. Fifty-two and thinking life was over! She looked dispirited and worn out, and I just wanted to hold her and promise her that everything would turn around soon.

But, how?

The weight on that sweet woman’s shoulders was so heavy, and I know that the difficulties foisted on her by this horrid recession had zapped her of her confidence and verve.

I’m so big on the Law of Attraction that I know that what she puts out is exactly what she’s going to get back. If she — and the others in her group — projects frustration and hopelessness, life will give them plenty of reasons to be frustrated and hopeless.

But if they tell themselves  that the turnaround has begun, their luck is increasing daily and that they are in-demand, employable and worthy, guess what? They will project that they are all of those things. And once they put that energy out there, things truly will turn around.

Some people think this is a simplistic and Pollyanna approach to life, but the truth is, life is a lot simpler than we sometimes make it. We have to stop trying to force things and simply do the things that bring luck, success and good energy our way. Can the people I spoke to force change overnight? No. But they can change their mindset, re-focus their actions, work hard and expect big things. Sooner or later, something will work.

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  1. I agree, life is so simple. We make it difficult. We put so much energy into failing, into being depressed, into be alone. We project so much negativity that it returns full circle as quickly as we send it into the universe. If ever we believed in ourselves, our friends, our families we could all share in the success of TRYING. For there can be no success, no advancement, no glory if we never TRY.

    If by thinking we are be watched by everyone and must be careful, we are truely missing the meaning of life. With that said, Fawn I believe we grew up together in Flint, MI. I lived on Proctor you the street over and down 1 block. We played together, laughed together, grew up together……then lost contact. I am pleased to see you have become so successful and look forward to possibly hearing from you!

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