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  1. Fawn what lovely true spoken words. You are a great daughter and your Mother is so proud of you. Life is short, so make the most of showing the people you love how much you care…
    When you can no longer see them they will always be with you. This I know for-sure. I can feel my parents presence circled around me. I don’t really feel I have lost them and this I am greatful for.
    You speak from your heart!

  2. Thanks Fawn…given our recent Everglades roadtrip conversations, that felt like you were speaking right to me =). Good words my friend.

  3. Beautiful. I was just with my Mom and just the touching and smiling means so much to me. Conversations are unnecessary any more. Our relationship is on such a soul level, that’s all that matters. Hugs to you and Betty.

  4. Fawn, I agree with your message. Life is short. No one knows us like our parents. From the moment we arrived, they are the keeper of our childhood memories. Then they transition to adversaries in our teens. A begrudging acknowlegement of their wisdom, as we become young aduts. Then a friendship begins. Then slowly the tables turn and we become care givers for those that have raised us. It is an honor to be able to provide comfort and protection to those that helped us become who we are. God bless you and your family. You are remembered in my prayers. Bless you for being there for your parents.

  5. My folks are both gone now but you are so right. I have wonderful memories that I will treasure forever and a better appreciation for the family and friends still here. You can be certain that on the deepest level your mother knows you are with her. And that it makes all the difference in the world to her!

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