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Achieving Your Purpose

Are you achieving your purpose? Someone else may tell you that you need to do this or that in order to achieve your “potential,” but you are the only one who can — and should — define your potential and how you want to spend your energy.

The larger question is always, “Am I achieving my human potential for the time I am here on earth?” If you are spending your time doing that, you are spending your time wisely. If you are focusing on things that are ultimately meaningless once it is time for you to leave this earth, then you are wasting your efforts.

Recalibrate. Reset. Go deep.

There is a peace that can exist inside of you, a real peace, a liberating peace that frees you. Life’s distractions don’t have to affect you on a soul level. You can choose this peace. But it will not come to you without you making this choice.

You can choose a path filled with personal mission and depth rather than expectation and inevitability. The second path is well-worn. Will you notice anything miss­ing if you don’t travel it?

What you allow into your head greatly impacts the way you experience your life, and you have control over that.

When you remind yourself that everything that happens is educating you and developing your soul, it is easier to disengage from many of your worries.

On a soul level, our daily dramas are simply meaningless.

That is a very hard awakening to embrace, but if you believe that you were brought here to live and grow and learn, and you have a spiritual component in that, you’ve got to realize that you probably obsess about a lot of things that aren’t important to your larger self.

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