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Control What Stresses You

There will be times when unpleasant and painful things will happen to you. There will be losses, rejections, illnesses, hardships, and huge difficulties that put obstacles in your reality that you would love to ignore — but you can’t. There will be people you have to deal with who will hurt or harm you. There will be times when you lose when you expect to win. Moments that you are in danger when you assume you are safe. You cannot run from fate. But you can control what stresses you by taking charge over the realities you prioritize.

That means you ask the question, “Do you live to work or work to live?” If you want to be in the “work to live” category, you dial down the volume on work-related stress because work no longer owns you. It is a part of your life — not your life.

When you face other stresses in your life, ask whether they matter to your heart and soul — or not. If they don’t, you can consciously minimize your emotional attach­ment to the situation. You still have to deal with the chal­lenging situation, but you don’t have to let it possess you.

Instead of passively reacting to what is on the plate in front of you, take time to really look at what you’re facing. Closely examine what you are dealing with. How deeply do you have to dive into the situation? Can you control the degree of stress you experience? Is this something that has to be a part of your reality? If so, all the time?

Making the decision to choose your peace is a huge reset moment.

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