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Hang In There

I know what it feels like to experience that Sunday night anxiety before starting yet another week at a miserable job. It can look pretty bleak when you don’t see a way out of your frustration and stress. I promise you, there is a way out. Either you can find a way to make your job work for you, or you can ready yourself to pick up, make changes, and move on. But, hang in there!

It helps to know that you are in charge of your life.

Your relationship with your job — for better or for worse — is very similar to your relationships at home. You can’t pack up and leave because you are miserable parenting a teenager, so you have to find a way to make it work. And your relationship with your husband, wife, or partner also has its highs and lows.

You know what they say about a good relationship? It’s a lot of work. There are good days and bad days with your spouse or partner, with your screaming teenager, with your siblings and parents. It takes work to make those relationships work, and the same goes for your relationship with your job.

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