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Know Your Path

Your path is already in you. Deep down inside. Ask yourself, what is your biggest dream? What is your passion? Who do you want to BE? It takes self-awareness to know your path, and a reset can help draw it out of you.

Once you figure out your path — which is really an ongoing journey of discovery — it takes real courage to keep walking. You will encounter distractions that pull you off course and obstacles that force you to defend your dream.

If you have been blessed with a dream, embrace it. Commit to it.

There will be hard choices you have to make about your path because passions can conflict. People may judge you for the choices you make, but you are the one who defines your path. They don’t. Do what you must do.

It’s your life. Live it in all of its dimensions.

When you follow your heart, there may be moments when you wonder if you’re doing something wrong. You may see others “succeeding” wildly by doing the things you specifically chose not to do. Choosing to reset to a fulfilling life requires maturity and courage. You have to know you are right and be willing to let go of any “grass is always greener” thoughts that may spring up. Because you can’t help but feel a few doubts every now and again.

The work-obsessed person feels a pang of jealousy because his friend has flexed his work schedule to give him enough spare time to surf every day.

And the surfer dude feels a pang of envy because his too-busy-to-surf friend just scored a huge win and is going to get a huge raise and promotion.

You decided how to live your life, and if you aren’t “all in” with what you’ve created for yourself, either change what you’re doing or change your attitude.

Dive into the life you choose without guilt or regret.

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