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Pack Up and Go to Reset

There comes a time when you pack up and go. You apply for a new job, you get it, and you start a new adventure.

But do you always have to move on in order to reset?

What if you aren’t ready?

What if you don’t know what you want to do next?

What if there are financial considerations that can’t be ignored? Or if there is so much going on at home that a job change is out of the question?

Is there any way to salvage a job or career that may be dragging you down? Maybe it’s because the company is in turmoil, or because a new boss isn’t all that great or your coworkers are nasty or negative, or because you’ve gotten bored.

You may have legitimate reasons for wanting to stay put. You’ve got too much invested. You’re too close to retirement. You like your company, but you’re getting bored with your actual job.

If your situation is not going to get better with the reset solutions in this chapter, open up to the possibility that reset, for you, may mean moving on. Sometimes you need a reset because your workplace is the problem — not your work. You are entitled to enjoy what you do, and when you realize that the bad days are outnumbering the good, you need to take action.

But for many, there is the possibility of a reset at work, where you stay put, but you change what you can change. There are things you can do when your profes­sion fills you with purpose, but your work environment doesn’t.

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