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Spiritual Points

By all means, love what you do, and do it with pas­sion! But keep the stress of your work in perspective. It consumes so many people. I imagine that, when God looks at it, he sees we are spending a whole lot of en­ergy on something that is ultimately meaningless in a spiritual realm. We don’t get spiritual points for being good at our jobs — we get points for being good at our role in humanity. I’m sure God is happy if your job makes you happy, especially if you are developing your talents and helping others, but He probably isn’t too worried about how far you climb that corporate ladder or how well any given project turns out.

Your purpose on this earth is to develop as a human being. Love your work, enjoy every possible aspect of it, but don’t let it consume your opportunity to develop on a deeper human level. If past ups or downs in your job are getting to you, let them go. Do you think you’ll get scolded in the afterlife for a bad performance evaluation or some big project that didn’t go well? My guess is that God doesn’t care about any of that. So if He doesn’t, should you let it consume you?

I do think it matters when you hurt others to ad­vance yourself in your work because that is a character issue. Work gives us endless opportunities to define ourselves with character and integrity — or not. We can face our work with either greed or generosity. With selfishness or selflessness. And what we choose to do shapes and defines our purpose here on earth. Our work gives us a chance to test, confront, and experi­ence. Work is not a purpose, but it can be a vehicle to our purpose.

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