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Take Back Your Life and Reset

Work-Life ResetIf you wake up knowing that today is going to wind up looking the same as yesterday — and you’re tired of it — do something. Get out of your rut. Take back your life and reset.

A reset is a fantastic tool for climbing out of darkness, but it is also the only tool for balancing a lopsided life. You can try to tweak this or that in an effort to achieve some sort of life harmony, but a reset marks the beginning of the new life you are claiming for yourself.

Is it time?

Do you feel guilty because you don’t have the time to be there for the people who love or need you? Frustrated because you don’t have ten minutes to yourself? Foggy because your brain is stretched so thin that you have little to offer in terms of creativity or humor?

Do you need to call in sick just to catch your breath? Have you been ignoring your physical health? Do you have a huge bucket list of the things you really want to do someday? Do you use all of your vacation? Do you use it to do the things you enjoy most? Do you work while you are on vacation?

Well, good grief. Reset.
Do you work for people who are so demanding it’s hard to have a life and a career? Are you so personally consumed by work that you sacrifice time with your loved ones to do things for work? Are you envious of people who manage to have both a life and a career?

Take back your life. Reset.

Are you checking your work e-mails when you go home at night? More than once? More than twice? More than three times?

Knock it off! Reset.

Is your life lacking meaning and purpose? Are you honoring your values with your time, or sacrificing your time to things you don’t really value?

Well, guess what?

Today you are one day closer to your death. You don’t get a do-over on life, so make the choice to live right now.

You deserve a harmonious, fun, full life filled with adventure and love, challenge and purpose. But if you are like so many people caught up in the crazy demands of an insanely paced world, you aren’t in balance.

I don’t really like the word “balance” because life teeters all the time between our different callings. Still, “work-life balance” remains the catch-phrase for people who want to successfully work and have a life, so I use the term.

Life is always a little out of whack. The stars do not align themselves to make things nice and easy for you. Sometimes it’s as if the universe is deliberately throwing too much at you.

As if it is forcing you to choose.

It’s not about balance. It’s about choices.


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