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The Right Path

In this life, our challenge is to find our path and deepen our souls by traveling that path with integrity and courage. Are you on the right path? You are allowed to ask that question — in fact, you must ask it. And if your conclusion is that you are not living your truth, make some changes. Reset.

We were warned about succumbing to peer pressure when we were kids, and we either held strong or caved. But what about that same pressure as we grow older? What happens when we wake up one day and realize we are conforming to a norm that violates our own personal truth? What happens when our job or our friends or our lifestyle clashes with our conscience?

Does it feel like you have veered off course? That the life you are living isn’t honoring your values or goals? Do a gut check.

There will be times when you are going down the wrong path and you will know it is the wrong path. Be strong enough to turn around.

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