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Valuable Learning Experience

Instead of getting lost in the drama of the mo­ment, step outside of it and see it for the valuable learning experience it can be. Whether you’re experi­encing anguish or exhilaration, victory or defeat, love or loss, the whole point of the lesson is the lesson itself, because it will teach you who you are.

We are here to live, connect, and grow. Winning in this realm means we must fill our time with meaning and purpose. There are so many moments of challenge and adversity that push us to define our character with inten­tion and mission.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Embracing that perspective is the ultimate personal reset.

Instead of seeing the intensity of the moment on a flat dimension of light/dark, happy/sad, win/lose, he said/she said, let yourself look at it from above. If you are a spiritual being having a human experience, why is this lesson playing out in this way? What are you supposed to learn?

Our work can become all-consuming and all-important, but when we take the larger, more spiritual perspective, we see that work can really distract us from our larger purpose of learning and growing.

Our work is not our sole purpose or our “soul” purpose for being on this earth.

By all means, love what you do, and do it with pas­sion! But keep the stress of your work in perspective. It consumes so many people. I imagine that, when God looks at it, he sees we are spending a whole lot of en­ergy on something that is ultimately meaningless in a spiritual realm. We don’t get spiritual points for being good at our jobs — we get points for being good at our role in humanity. I’m sure God is happy if your job makes you happy, especially if you are developing your talents and helping others, but He probably isn’t too worried about how far you climb that corporate ladder or how well any given project turns out.

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