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Working Like you are Working

Are you happy working like you are working? Because your relationship with work is a choice. Most of us have to do something in order to pay the bills. But just how deep we dive in is something we control, with choices about how much we want to work or how much we spend (requiring us to get the right-sized paycheck).

Don’t buy into the whole martyr hierarchy, where the person who works twice as many hours is twice as important. Not true. What does it mean to humanity when one person spends 60 hours scouring purchase orders and another spends only 40? Is the 60-hour person more critical to the fabric of humanity? No.

You can’t assume the person who works fewer hours than you is a slacker any more than that person can assume you’re out of balance and one-dimensional. And vice versa.

For some, work is what provides inner balance.

My father worked as a pharmacist until he was 84. He already had what he wanted and needed, but I know that the final years of his career kept him alive because his work gave his life purpose. He didn’t want to retire.

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